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Good Blogs Can Bring Big Book PR Results

Ever since their humble beginnings in the 1990s, blogs have continually gained in influence and audience size. As a result, blog coverage figures into many book publicity plans today, and many authors are bloggers. One of the best things about blogs is that they are free to cover any topic, allowing them to please their audiences with the same interests. Natural extensions have been to video (vlogs), increasing reach and influence. If you plan to promote a book, figuring out which blogs to include in your PR outreach is wise. You can seek coverage or contribute guest posts.

Pitching a blogger for coverage is much the same as pitching legacy media. Having a press kit ready and a persuasive cover email (or letter) with your pitch is generally how it works. Blogs like to talk about their favorite topics, and they do it with newsworthy angles. Some are more wide-ranging in their topic selection than others, but what you want to know is about their audience. Coverage in any outlet that includes the target readers for your book is helpful. Marketing theory holds that you may need to make multiple impressions before "tipping" someone from interested to book buyer. Blogs are one way to do it.

You may want to become a blogger if you have the time, patience, and interest. It's an excellent way to build an audience; many bloggers are authors, and vice versa. It's most beneficial if your book(s) and blog cover similar topics and appeal to the same audience. That way, people's interest carries over when you promote one or the other. Whether you become a blogger or guest post on others, keep your content high quality. Even if you are writing from a distinctly personal point of view, ensure that you are concise and understandable. Coherent and engaging posts always do better.

If you or a publicist pitch blogs to write about you and your book, do your homework first. There is a wide variation in quality, and you want to be associated with higher-caliber bloggers. If you're in the launch phase, you may offer free copies of your book and run a contest on the blog where you're covered. It's a way to expand the visibility and more deeply engage with the blog's followers – also known as making multiple impressions. You can search for other authors in your genre and see what comes up about them on blogs. It can inspire you and help plan ideas that will pay off in the long run.


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