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Students who completed coursework at accredited domestic colleges outside of the West Valley Mission Community College District should submit official transcripts and external examination scores for evaluation towards general education requirements.

Download transcript (8) pdf

Hard-copy transcripts and other academic records are considered "official" when they arrive in a sealed, stamped, official envelope with the seal and any other security feature intact. Electronic transcripts are considered "official" when we receive them from a secure site formally linked to the sending institution or testing service.

Individual coursework from other colleges will not be displayed on the transcript. The units and GPA earned will appear in the transfer unit GPA summary and will be calculated into the overall cumulative GPA and units.

NOTE: If you are waiting for grades, grade changes or posting of your degree, do not request the transcript until your academic record is updated. You can view your academic transcript on OASIS.

Farmingdale State College has partnered with Parchment to accept online transcript orders. You can order your official transcripts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Transcripts can be sent electronically or mailed in hard copy, depending on the receiving institution or destination. You will receive an e-mail communication while your order is being processed and you will receive a confirmation email when the transcript order is complete. Transcript requests may be need to be processed manually if there is a hold on your student account. As a result there may be a delay in processing the request. However, we do not hold transcript requests if there is a financial obligation to the college.

If you prefer, you can send the unofficial transcript request form below to A Registrar's staff assistant will reply to your request via email. You may also call us if you need additional information at 934-420-2776.

A picture ID (Driver's License or Student ID) and signature is required to pick up transcripts. Transcripts being picked up will not be released without identification or to third parties without written permission from the student.

Transcripts can only be released directly to the student or to a person or entity designated by the student (a photo ID is required when picking up a transcript in person). Transcripts will include final grades as shown in Student Self-Service only, not necessarily final grades as shown in course learning management systems such as Canvas, Moodle, etc. Official transcripts are $8 per copy and must be paid for when ordered.

Current or recent students who have an active Student Self-Service login and password can submit an online order for an official PDF or paper transcript using the Registration and Records tab in Student Self-Service.

Note: If you do not need an official transcript, you may choose to print your academic history from Student Self-Service. This website is for Urbana-Champaign campus transcripts only. For University of Illinois Springfield transcripts, refer to, and for University of Illinois Chicago transcripts, refer to Records for UIC College of Medicine and College of Nursing students reside at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Unofficial paper transcripts are only available in-person in the Records Service Center of the Office of the Registrar. The student must present photo identification and must pick up their own transcript. Unofficial transcripts cannot be faxed, mailed, or e-mailed.

When available, a request may be submitted to delay generating the transcript until after all final grades or degrees for the current semester have been recorded on the transcript. However, if you are expecting a grade change, do not order your transcript until you are sure the grade has been changed and the change is reflected in Student Self-Service. The Registrar will not hold transcripts for maintenance or grade changes.

Transcript orders held for degrees are released approximately four (4) weeks after your conferral date. If the status of your degree in Academic History of Student Self Service indicates that the degree has been Awarded and is no longer Pending prior to the release date listed on the Academic Calendar, you may call the Transcripts Unit at 217-333-9778 and request that the Hold for Degree be removed and your transcript order processed.

The university has appointed Parchment to act on behalf of the university in matters concerning the ordering and processing of academic transcript orders and academic transcript data for the institution. As an agent for the institution as defined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as Amended (FERPA), Parchment is subject to, and operates within the bounds of, the same information provisions of FERPA as staff of the institution.

A: An "official" transcript is a record of your entire enrollment history at Ohio State, and would include any transfer credit accepted. Transcripts are printed on special paper and include the Registrar's signature, the date issued and the school seal. Any transcript we provide to the student will indicate "ISSUED TO STUDENT".

A: Yes, however, there is an additional $10.00 special processing fee (covers up to five transcripts when ordered in one transaction). When you submit your order you can request to pick it up. When you come in to pick it up you must bring a picture id. Transcripts for pick up are always addressed to and issued to student. They cannot be addressed to and issued to third parties.

A: Yes, however, there is an additional $10.00 special processing fee (covers up to five transcripts when ordered in one transaction). When you submit your order you can request to pick it up and indicate who you want to pick it up. Whomever you indicate must bring a picture id when picking up your transcript.

A: We estimate that your transcript will be mailed within 3 business days after it has been authorized for a Standard Request and 1 business day after automatic authorization for Rush Processing. Please note that the U. S. Postal Service currently estimates an additional 2-4 business days for delivery. Electronic transcripts will be sent once the order has been authorized within 24 hours for a Standard Request and within the hour of automatic authorization for Rush Processing. Please see Summary of Transcript Services for additional information

A: Yes. If you have a hold but need to send an official transcript to a prospective employer as a condition of employment, please submit your request along with a letter from your prospective employer on their letterhead stating that the transcript is required for employment. If you are in the military and the transcript is required for advancement, the request must state this and be accompanied by a letter on military branch letterhead. The transcript will be released directly to your prospective employer or military branch. The transcript will not be released directly to you.

A: If your record has a hold not related to a financial obligation (eg, bursar, library, Campus Parc, other balances), you will be notified immediately after you submit your identifying information and provided with a phone number to contact. You will not be able to submit a transcript order until the hold has been cleared.

When you are on the Recipient(s) page and choose Search our Recipient a PDF option may be available for you to select after you have selected and verified the recipient. If you are ordering a transcript for another college or university, an electronic transcript will be available if the institution has set-up to receive electronic transcripts through the third party that processes transcripts for Ohio State, Credential Solutions. The option for the electronic transcript will show after inputting the address for the recipient. If there is no option for an electronic transcript during your order, then the option is not available.

A: If the PDF transcript option is not available through the college or university selected, they have not set-up to receive electronic transcripts through the third party that processes transcripts for Ohio State, Credentials Solutions. If the college or university would like to receive electronic transcripts from Ohio State, they will need to work with Credential Solutions directly.

A: The transcript will be sent once the order has been successfully completed within 24 business hours. The recipient of the transcript (student or third party) will need to review the transcript within 30 days of the order completing, and after the initial review it will remain available to them for 48 hours. If additional authorization is required to process your order, the transcripts will not be sent until the authorization has been received and processed.

A: When ordering your transcript, there will be an option to hold your transcript for final grades or degree for a specific term. Transcripts will be sent after the deadlines have passed for grade submission by your instructors and commencement for the term. This option will only be available near the end of the term, approximately three weeks prior.

A: Submit your transcript request online at, Transcript Ordering.All notarized transcripts will be mailed. Please allow up to five (5) business days for processing and additional time for mailing.

Students are able to request their transcript in person at the Denton Registrar's Office for immediate pick-up. We do not currently have the option to request in person at the Dallas and Houston campuses. Payment options for in-person requests are credit card, check or cash at the time of the request.

For mailed-in requests, please print and complete the Official Transcript Request Form [pdf], and send your payment to the address below. Please note that a $30 fee will be charged for all returned checks. Transcripts will be available for pick-up or mailed within 48 hours of receiving the request unless the request contains instructions to hold for special postings. During peak times, the processing of transcript requests may take up to 3-5 business days. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Transcript Office at 041b061a72


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