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To follow-up on the examination, the IRS assesses the property or income when an entry is added to the Transcript of Assessment. For an individual, a first assessment date can be entered if not listed as the assessment date. For real property, an assessment date can be entered if not listed. The assessment date applies to the later-filed amended return and the original return. The filing of the last amended return can include additional issues.

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When a return is amended, the AIMS system is updated to reflect the new amended information. If the amendment does not update the AIMS system, the coding in AIMS will indicate the original information, which must be corrected. If the amendment does update the AIMS system, the status of the case changes to a duplicate of the original case, so that the next amendment of the same case results in a new case. If the duplicate case is used to file a later amendment, that amendment will cause the case to start over again. Therefore, the case status will not reflect the fact that a file is being filed and must be updated to reflect a new case.

In order to attach Exhibits to AIMS for entering into examinations, a copy of the supporting file or folders must be saved on a disk. Examining the supporting file or folders will not suffice. Any full listing of the supporting file or folders contents is required.

If the video game use serial number 647249802 is from a version of Spore not labeled as Collectors Edition, and the game has non-Bioware components, such as voices provided by celebrities, the following is the criteria for transfer:


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