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Relax MP3: Listen to Relaxing Music and Sounds Online or Offline

The body and mind have remarkable self-healing capacities. The recordings promote a state of deep relaxation, which creates the conditions that allow our natural powers to self-heal and maximize our physical and emotional health.

My brief, odd time with PSiO AVS MP3 Color System involved a brief relaxation demo in a reclining chair. I tried a stress-relieving optimistic program, followed by a more energetic one. PSiO offers around a hundred downloadable programs aimed at aiding everything from creativity to sleeping, to weight loss, to quitting smoking. They felt like little minimeditation sessions, or the laser light show equivalent of self-help motivational tapes. I had to take off my glasses to wear them. With the strobing colors and intense sounds, it was also a bit like being in a sequel to Altered States. Epileptics need not (and should not) give these a try.

relax mp3

The challenges of life are as daunting as ever, and seemingly creeping closer than ever to the things we care about most. Our families, our health, our work; each has been tested with greater stress than we can remember ever happening before. Naturally, we look forward, now more than ever as well, to those moments, those times when we can truly and deeply relax. No longer a luxury, our time to disconnect, to let go, and escape into a state of uninterrupted bliss has become a necessity.

This is music that will be that escape. This is music that will be the portal into that state of uninterrupted bliss. Patient and soothing tones that wash over in rhythmic, hypnotic waves. Restful, peaceful sounds that melt away the distractions, evoke feelings of centered calm, and usher the mind and body to a path of deep relaxation. This is music that will be your guide.

If we cannot relax, we cannot re-charge. We cannot focus, process, or enjoy all that we work for each day. Let this music lead you away from the stresses of life, allow you to enter a mindful and rejuvenating state, and aid in improving your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Sleep better, feel better, be better as your heart rate and blood pressure lower and your energy levels return. Relieve the burdens of stress. Flow on a sonic river of solitude and serenity.It's time to disconnect, to let go, to escape into bliss. It's time to relax.The digital download includes a 4-page PDF booklet.CD purchase includes a free Mp3 album download. T R A C K S 01. Wings To Fly (Tsubasa Wo Kudasai) by Kuni Murai02. Sleeping Woman by Luis Perez03. Estrella by Kitaro04. Linden by Yu-Xiao Guang05. Miracle by Seda Bağcan06. Rune by Dave Eggar07. Rimpa : Cosmos by Hiroki Okano08. Joy by Uma Silbey09. Aurora by Dino Malito10. Clair De Lune by Steve Anderson11. Mediterranean Sunrise by Benedetti & Svoboda12. Wood Fairy by Kitaro13. See The Light (Abridged) by Fumio Miyashita14. Moonlight Sonata by Steve Anderson

Relax and surrender to the soothing voice and images as Gwen guides you along a peaceful journey which will stimulate the reduction of symptoms of stress, encouraging a calm, relaxed mood. Repeated listenings will train the body/mind so it naturally encourages and reinforces a balanced, healthy emotional state. Running Time 26 min 42 sec

Our Priming Enhancement Tool (PETs) have been created to help enhance the Priming Strategy by reinforcing the bedwetting response procedure and awareness of a full bladder. PETS are in the form of guided relaxation recordings, which are scripted to help bedwetters get in control of their habit and create a new habit.

Relax, Recharge Refresh is an invitation for you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Imagine feeling energized and fully engaged throughout your day. By taking short relaxation breaks throughout the day, you will enjoy these benefits immediately.

The relaxation protocol is considered baseline work for serious behavior modification training, but many people use it for more everyday purposes for dogs of all ages. For example, if you have a puppy that you'd really like to stay put and hangout quietly at a brewpub or restaurant patio, or if you plan to do dog sports and want your dog to wait on a mat or platform when it isn't her turn, the relaxation protocol can help because it essentially helps dogs understand that they indeed can stay put and not respond to every weird thing they see or hear.

Later, we harnessed Relaxation Protocol strategies to get through transition times -- arriving at dog training class, arriving at new places -- since Lilly struggled more when we first go somewhere. As soon as I assumed the relaxed body posture, asked Lilly for a simple SIT, and began rewarding her for remaining still and calm, she would pop right into Relaxation Protocol mode and settle down. Think of it like an emotional reset.Download Relaxation Protocol Audio Files for FREE !On request in 2014, I recorded updated audio files of the newest version of the Relaxation Protocol (if you want to see the whole thing in print).

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If you're a fan of good music, then you definitely need to check out "Just Relax" by Lola Brooke. It's a song that will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted, and it's sure to become a favorite among fans of the genre. So go ahead, listen, download, and share your thoughts below!

Utilizing a relaxation exercise tohelp reduce stress or anxiety is like learning to ride a bicycle for the firsttime. It is a skill that takes time and practice to do it effectively!We cannot expect to develop a relaxation skill after trying it one or twotimes, just as we cannot ride a bike well when we first try. Relaxationexercises can seem deceptively simple at first, but using them well when stressis high requires practice.

Many people prefer to close theireyes during these relaxation exercises. If you do not wish to close your eyes,you might find a fixed point in the room and let your gaze fall upon it.Discontinue the exercise if you experience physical or emotional discomfort.

Essentially a form of structured self-hypnosis, autogenics involves concentrating passively on verbal formulas suggesting warmth and heaviness in the limbs and relaxation throughout the body. It is effective in reducing fatigue, tension, high blood pressure, racing heart, irritability, headaches, and migraines. For more information about autogenics, click here.

Also known as body awareness, body scanning uses a passive mental focus to release and relax muscle groups in the body and recognize any discomfort in the internal environment. It is effective in reducing muscle tension, pain, and fatigue. Body scanning can also be used quickly and easily at night to help promote a calm mind before bed, thus aiding in sleep improvement. For more information about the body scan, click here.

Diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing is the easiest way to produce the relaxation response and allows the respiratory system to function properly. Improper breathing can often contribute to feelings of anxiety, panic, or fatigue and can increase muscular tension, leading to headaches. Practicing deep breathing allows the mind and body to slow down and relax. For more information about relaxation through breathing, click here.