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Benjamin Biryukov
Benjamin Biryukov

Mortal Kombat Project 4.9

Since then, the project has been put on hold, and the game is currently at version 4.1. Mortal Kombat Project has been used as a starting point for a number of other full-game Mortal Kombat-inspired projects, many of which are direct alterations of the original game.

Mortal Kombat Project 4.9

The goal of this mugen project is to bring back classic games like this one, but with a slew of new features, abilities, and characters to ensure that the fun never ends. MK Project Mugen for Android can be downloaded from this link.

"Thousands of years ago, in a battle with the fallen elder god known as Shinnok, I was responsible for the death of an entire civilization. To rid all realms of Shinnok's menace, I waged a war that plunged the Earth into centuries of darkness and banished Shinnok to a place called the Netherrealm. Now, after Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of the Earth warriors, Shinnok has managed to escape his confines of the Netherrealm. The war is now being fought once again, only this time, it can be won by mortals." - The Words of Raiden

Although the game was hugely popular, it failed to pull Mortal Kombat out of a slump that began that same year. In fact, from 1997 to 1999, the series waned due to several Mortal Kombat projects that were either short lived, mediocre in quality, or shoddy altogether. It was also the time in which John Tobias - the main storyteller - and much of Midway's staff resigned since the industry had recently made one flop after another. 041b061a72


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