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Plane Crazy - Copy Build Download [EXCLUSIVE]

1. Make a folder on your PC to install the game to, e.g. c:\games\planecrazy2. Open CD-ROM2. Open the "Plane Crazy" folder3. Copy the "Data" folder into your install folder, e.g. c:\games\planecrazy4. On the CD-ROM, open the folder of the language you wish to install (e.g. "English")5. Copy the "Local" folder into the Data\DataMin folder on your PC, e.g. c:\games\planecrazy\Data\DataMin6. In the PC folder, go back up to the root planecrazy folder, e.g. c:\games\planecrazy\7. On the CD-ROM, copy these files from the language folder that's already open, to the PC folder: chubsc.ico, IFORCE2.dll, PCrazy.exe, pcrazy.ini, Readme.txt8. Download the 1.1 patch (e.g. from The patch zip file should contain 3 items, a "data" folder, changes.txt and pcrazy.exe, copy all 3 into your PC folder, e.g. c:\games\planecrazy and overwrite as necessary9. Create a text file and enter the following into it. IMPORTANT: if you're installing to a non-64 bit system, remove the parts that say "\Wow6432Node". Also: change the paths to reflect where you installed the game, if it's not in c:\games\planecrazy (but remember to keep the double \\'s). One more thing: change the "sNotBovine" value to the letter your CD is installed in, or the game will fail the CD check:

Plane Crazy - Copy Build Download


Hey I've got an idea! Do you still have that cd from that game? If you have it, you can copy files from cd and upload them somewhere. Then I'll download those files and that's all ? I can put those files on cd if it is necessary. ? Yeah and one more thing. I use Win10 now. I hope it will also work on Win10 too. ?

Welcome to the builds section of the Plane Crazy Wiki! If there are sections without descriptions, feel free to contribute to those empty sections! There are many types of planes, cars, boats, trains, etc. inside of Plane Crazy.

In standard non PVP (and even PVP) servers, airliners are a common sight and are usually built by ambitious builders wanting to go big. In normal servers, you will see decent airliners, but a good amount of beginner/amateur airliners. However, there are airliners in the storages of some accounts that can easily fit into the overall 5 best plane crazy builds, but you will only see them on rare occasions in community servers or in Discord.

Bombers are some big planes with big payloads; either making use of motor-lock bombs or arrays of explosives. Due to the nature of their build (big air-frame and lots of bombs resulting in a very high block count), they are very slow and barely maneuverable. The bomber isn't exactly highly competitive in PVP, but the builder creates it for enjoyment as they want to drop a load of bombs on creations on the ground or water and watch them blow up. Some bombers carry guided missiles and guided bombs for an accurate explosion. Sometimes they drop hundreds of motorlocked cutters-- but with motorlocked engines to compensate. Comparatively, The Bomber can be split into three main groups of aircraft itself, them being Light, Medium, and Heavy

Dive Bombers are builds with the main purpose of anti ground missions by diving close to the ground with explosive ordinance, better known as Dive bombing. These builds will usually be identified by the way the plane acts, or by the build one is trying to replicate, this being a Ju-87 and sometimes rarer aircraft

Fighters are some of the most prevalent class of aircraft one may see in Plane crazy, normally due to how vague the definition of fighter is. In short, a Fighter is a aircraft made to attack other fighters and similar weighted planes(Not Bombers). Most Fighters in the lower speed class will opt for the usual gun weapon, while jet aircraft with high speeds and roll rates will use "Missile" fighting, where one dives into the target as close as possible, launches missiles, and pulls out as fast as possible. Both speed classes may use the fireworks weapon commonly.

While not common, Carrier fighters do pop up in servers time to time. Carrier fighters will usually be very very small to fit on the limited building plot, or a plane with a arrestor hook. Carrier fighters are normally not too different from their land based aircraft

Mini planes range from the tutorial plane to small jets. Mini planes are probably the first build players make. They are the very common in Plane Crazy. A group of Mini planes are seen in the Plane Crazy thumbnail.

Motorprops are either never heard of, or unused by builders in Plane Crazy in the wake of conveyor engines and hoverdrives. Motorprops are propeller aircraft solely powered by motors. These builds are unpopular among Plane Crazy builders as many motor-powered creations face problems with motor torque -- causing their build to spin and remain unusable. While fast and nimble, Motorprops deal with fragility; collisions cause the plane to become unusable. These builds are unpopular due to the delicate and careful design. Motorprops perform similar to other high-speed aircraft like conveyor jets.

Flap planes are a natural evolution of normal automatic flaps, Automatic flaps, while the easiest to use and add to a plane, have roughly half the potential stored away, this is because they function with the mouse cursor, and thus are limited by the stability of your aircraft. QE+ refers to the manual input of certain flaps to allow for a better turn rate, This has been done before with motor driven flaps, but are much smaller and easier to add on a normal sized build. Before you add these to your aircraft you must keep in mind a few things:

However, despite disliking using 1st or 2nd person language in wiki articles as the writer of this page, I do not want you to let this description of tutorial builds nor the negative opinions of tutorial builds dissuade you from using them. It is a great route to learn how to build, especially for those wanting to eventually build their own planes, boats, or tanks. ApolloFish AKA Gmansevilemeny12

This was the most advanced and recent of a series of kamikaze plane builds. It's fuselage is a block of explosive with wings, 5 engines in 2 sets, and ejectable pilot and copilot seats. It has 2 sets of engines: main (S. Rocket + G. Prop., max. speed 170sps) and turbo (3x Hover Drives, max. speed 1800sps). The name originated from how it was compared to the German WW-2 Reichenberg or V-1R. Aside from the explosives, it has 1 rocket and a large number of guns, but there are severe problems with accuracy.

Not built with aesthetic or quality in mind, the purple and orange jet was built to counter shredder bugs and go toe-to-toe with flying death cubes. Built with a modified conveyor engine inside, the Lepomis will reach 3300 studs/sec, a speed that dogfights aren't feasible. To actually be PVP capable and effective, the Lepomis is equipped with an airbrake that locks its speed at 1000 sps. Sporting an average turn rate among other high speed builds, the Lepomis's advantage is its fantastic roll rate, allowing it to stay out of gunsights and rope-a-dope fast turners. The airframe and wing design was made very carefully; at high speeds, planes have a nasty habit of shaking. The Lepomis does not shake and is stable - even in higher speeds.

It used 3K blocks and couldnt fly until i lowered it to 30 gravity. It was absolutely GIGANTIC. Whenever i launched it, i had my FPS halved. This may be one of the largest if not the largest helicopter in plane crazy.

This ship is from Dynamic Ship Simulator So I decided to build it in plane crazy. Making a showcase video as well as Planning to add a helicopter in the hangar. Idc that this is a royal navy vessel and a put a US flag

This build heavily uses the fact that explosive blocks are nearly undestroyable. This plane features: 10 guns that can rotate 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally. Two sets of rockets that have their own trigger button. An entire hull made of explosive blocks. Dual lava spitters for shredder bugs. But all of this come at a cost, and that is speed. This plane can go at 200 mph with the super rocket engines and nearly at 1200-1500 with the built in conveyor engine.

I decided to call it the shadow II because it's all black. Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot of my plane. But it has big wings in the back, medium wings in the middle, and small wings in the front. It has 4 guns, 2 rockets facing forward, 2 rockets facing backwards, 2 seats, small size, and very agile. It also goes up to 667 in speed, and has 4 super rocket engines. You might see me flying in it and I have put a lot of work into it. It started as a hover plane, and then it turned into a fighter jet. It also has a lot of trails! I made it because there is this game called Phoenix 2, and I got the influence from the ship of the Razor IV, then i found Plane Crazy, and it was my first build! but most of my other builds are pieces of crap, not gonna lie. Although the cars are pretty cool....

The Hydro Vos Anti ship or AS is the largest bomber currently serving with the Hydro Vos/Avro joint companies(The two companies began building join plane ideas right before the URN asked for EV planes only from Avro, thus splitting the joint operation). At 1000 blocks in size alone, the aircraft is a complex beast even without motor locks. The biplane design was formulated before the URN or the idea of Spitfire wings were thought of or even tried very much, instead opting for a straight wing and curved wing shape, the straight wing carries the two, very large 'Helter Multi prop' Engines, while the higher wing carries the EVEN HEAVIER 'Pratter Radial double prop' engines They thing about the engines were that they used the 'Bloc' combining type (ENGINE TYPES >>>>), meaning they were much larger and normally much more powerful than double or triple 'Engines' and not 'Props' hence the name. together the four engines only push the monster of a plane to about 256, which was still better than the L-1 variant but not much better in general, the main feature however, was the massive bombload, it could carry 14, 400mm Sender Bombs in normal configuration, though cluster bombs were used. For defensive it mainly relies on combined group weaponry (Or the Poliparkov planes not delivered to the URN in the later years) of two 50 MM NNR anti aircraft cannons mounted in a rotating turret. The landing gear used are the same from the SCVR-5 light bomber, a piston driven landing 'Point' not gear in order to try and reduce the already heavy weight of the bomber. There is no camo for this plane, only a ash grey paint is used for its, well everything. 041b061a72


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