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Buy Video Intercom System [REPACK]

Believe it or not, there was a time when video intercoms only belonged in sci-fi movies. Fast forward to present day, and these once futuristic systems are fast becoming a part of our everyday lives. Today we take a high-level look at the best video intercom systems that are finding their way into homes, offices, multifamily, and multi-location facilities.

buy video intercom system

Modern-day families use video intercom systems to monitor the main entrance, take visitor calls, and unlock the door remotely. The essential features of these systems include two-way audio calling, one-way or two-way video, SIP calling to mobile phones and landlines, remote unlocking, and call recording. Plenty of home intercom devices are available, including wireless and hardwired systems. Our top pick for home entry video intercom systems include:

Grandstream video intercom systems can be used with mobile phones and landlines. It comes with two-way audio, one-way video, remote unlocking, and call recording features.The door station can stream 1080p video to indoor stations, NVRs, IP phones, and smartphones simultaneously. Some of their models have built-in RFID card readers. Price starts at $315 for the outdoor station.

AMOCAM is an inexpensive home video intercom system that installs on 4-wire cable. It comes with two-way audio, one-way video, and remote unlocking features. The system is not compatible with mobile phones and can only place calls to the indoor station. The price starts at around $200 for the complete kit.

Hikvision provides a range of video intercom products for home. Their 2-wire series devices just need a power cable and an Ethernet cable to install. These may not be as convenient to install as wifi devices, but the presence of wires gives them great picture quality and eliminates the delay between push of button and appearance of picture which is a limitation some wireless systems may face. Priced from $545 on Amazon (for the kit).

Video intercom systems play a crucial role in enhancing security and convenience at apartment buildings and condo communities. Modern IP based systems make it possible for residents to answer visitor calls from anywhere through their mobile phone. Some of the must-have features of apartment video intercom systems include remote management, remote unlocking, keyless entry, and mobile video calling.

Latch is a full building operating system that also includes two-way audio intercom built into its locking hardware. An external video camera needs to be installed to achieve video intercom and video monitoring functionalities. The system consists of an innovative entry station with tactile buttons and proprietary Latch door locks on each apartment door.

2N is an established intercom brand that stands out because of its reliability and build quality. It lacks a mobile-first approach and is harder to scale compared to Swiftlane or ButterflyMX. Read an in-depth 2N review or watch this video.

A wireless video intercom system is the ideal solution if you want to run cables to each apartment unit.The important question is, which particular intercom system should you choose? Here are a few considerations that will help you make the right choice.

OpenPath Video Intercom and Mobile Access Control System: Openpath has lately added a video intercom to its reader. The Openpath Video Intercom Reader Pro can stream one-way video and two-way audio to smartphones running the Openpath app.

Entry Methods: The best video intercom systems with door release offer several unlocking methods including RFID cards, proximity cards, mobile, facial recognition, and even physical keys.

In this post we have taken a high-altitude view of the best video intercom systems for homes, offices, apartments, and offices. To get a closer view of different systems, navigate our blog by following the links that we have enclosed in each section. We hope this reading will help you select the best-fit solution for your facility. Happy video calling!

When it comes to selecting the best video intercom system with door release, a lot depends on the building or facility where the system will be installed. A system that is ideal for single family homes may not be suitable for multifamily apartment buildings. Therefore, we have categorized the systems based on the use cases.

A video intercom system with door release is a security system that allows you to see and communicate with someone at your door before opening it. The door release part of the system allows you to remotely unlock the door for the person, so they can enter. This can be a useful security measure if you are expecting someone, such as a package delivery, but it can also be used to deter burglars or other unwanted visitors. This type of system is increasingly common in both residential and commercial buildings as a way to improve security.

Multifamily residential buildings and condo communities have special needs that not every video intercom system can fulfill. For example, your video door phone should be able to call multiple numbers in each apartment unit, including landline and mobile phones. It must be a reliable system with multiple access control options, just to ensure that residents can always unlock the door from anywhere and are never locked out of the building themselves. Here are five systems that merit your consideration.

Swiftlane, a Silicon Valley tech company, offers an advanced hybrid video intercom system, packaged together with mobile, keycard and facial recognition access control. Swiftlane video intercom and access control system features cloud-connected multi-technology readers with integrated smart video intercom. Visitors can use the Swiftreader or Swiftreader X to call apartment PBX numbers, regular landlines, mobile numbers, and smartphones running the Swiftlane app. You can easily update residents directory settings and manage access permissions from anywhere using cloud-based browser and mobile app dashboards.

Latch positions itself as a full-building security and intercom system with entry panels for main entrances and smart locks for individual apartment units. The minimalist entry panels also include an audio intercom and can connect audio calls to any US phone number as well as smartphones running the Latch App. An external video camera needs to be integrated in order to enable video calling capability.

Video intercom systems are critical to provide security and convenience at 2-4 unit apartment buildings, sometimes also called duplex, triplex or fourplex. Simplicity, affordability and reliability are among the core requirements video intercom systems are expected to meet at such buildings. We have shortlisted the following system for use at 2-4 unit apartments.

Siedle is an established player in the building entry intercom segment. It manufactures a wide range of audio and video intercom systems, including an IP video intercom that connects your legacy audio intercom from 1952 onwards with your smartphone via Siedle IQ gateway. In addition, Siedle offers video and audio intercom sets, a variety of entry stations, indoor stations, apps, interfaces, and more.

A home video intercom system with door release secures your main entrance and allows occupants to see and communicate with visitors before opening the door. It can help to keep out unwanted guests and grant access to people you want to admit into your home. Affordability, dependability and the capability to take calls even when you are not home, are just some of the factors to consider when buying a home video intercom system. Here are our top picks for the single family segment:

If Amocam is a bit too basic for your home needs, you can always go for the Grandstream video intercom system. This system will give you connectivity with mobile phones and landlines, along with two-way audio, one-way video, remote unlocking, and call recording features for a price as low as $350 or so. The Grandstream door station uses VoIP to stream 1080p video to indoor stations, NVRs, IP phones, and smartphones simultaneously.

Multi-tenant video intercom systems offer either one- or two-way video calling. One-way video allows only the resident to see the visitor at the entrance, but the visitor cannot see the resident. Two-way video allows the resident and the visitor to see each other.

The price of an apartment video intercom system ranges from $1,000 to $7,000 depending on the type of system you install. However, that price only covers the video intercom hardware, not installation, maintenance, or ongoing service fees.

Apartment intercom system installation fees fluctuate the most and vary based on your region. Installation costs will be higher if you choose a wired system. You may also have to budget for software costs and monthly service fees based on the number of units in your apartment building.

A video intercom generally works by establishing a video call between intercom hardware at the entrance and a device controlled by a tenant in the building. The tenant can then use their device to unlock the door or gate for their visitor.

IP video intercoms work by transferring video and audio data between a base station used by a visitor and a substation used by a resident. The resident uses an internet-connected device to unlock the door remotely.

When it comes to installing or replacing an intercom at your apartment building, video intercoms offer several advantages over audio intercom systems. Many older intercom models, like a telephone entry system, lack the convenience and added security that comes with using an intercom with a camera.

Smart video intercom systems eliminate the need for in-unit hardware by empowering tenants to use the intercom with their smartphones. Instead of relying on devices installed in each unit of the building, tenants can open and manage doors with their smartphones, creating a more seamless and convenient experience.

Think about who will use your video intercom every day and what they need. Some camera intercom systems limit the number of apartments they can support, and others limit the number of tenants per apartment. 041b061a72


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