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Desktop Download Free Game Java Nokia X2

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ah, cool. I just toured down there with a group of student from ou/uark a couple of weeks ago (we saw the fab in dmos 6, I think it was)."From what I remember in our other devices, we don't let our customers program e-fuses."That's at odds from the report, which says that the bootloader tells the efuse to blow. (follow slashdot->mobilecrunch->mydroidworld forum posting by "ps3droid").However, the original post that kicked this whole thing off was"So this post is a mix of hard information and a bit of conjecture on my part (guesses)."How much is of each is unstated. and I've no idea who this person is or how he/she got his/her information. So the trail grows cold here.*shrug* The ultimate source of the *fuse* bit is rather misty, so I think I'll have to give mot the credit of the doubt (although I'd give pause before handing over hundreds of my own hard-earned dollars)."it matches up nicely with Motorola's statement that you can re-flash an authorized image to restore the device's original functionality."Well actually the quote is that"If a device attempts to boot with unapproved software, it will go into recovery mode, and can re-boot once approved software is re-installed."It doesn't say that the end-user can do the re-install and recovery, only that it will reboot once approve software has been re-installed. Is the efuse one-way, or can it be reset?"Take off the tin-foil hat and apply Occam's Razor.""tin-foil hat" tends to be used deprecatingly, and I tend to bristle when people accuse me of wearing a tinfoil hat. Perhaps you didn't mean to be insulting; I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Regardless, hard experience (e.g. I'm a ps3 owner who bought the ps3 more for the linux than for the games; sadly it's now gotta be 100% linux) has taught me to be very, very, very cautious when I regard what large businesses (and other entities in general, although the power disparity in a relationship with a large megacorp as an end-user is so absurdly large that we mice have to beware of the elephant's feet!) say, and look at the *letter* of what they say, not the spirit.However, permanent, temporary, carrier-serviceable, or other, the core point that Kuhn makes is clear; Mot doesn't seem to appreciate end-user freedom. and I'm rather fond of maintaining my freedoms. Kuhn: At Least Motorola Admits It Posted Jul 19, 2010 3:28 UTC (Mon) by jzbiciak (guest, #5246) [Link]

The engine of the software market is people's willingness to pay for software in its various forms. Software comes in the form of websites, a desktop applications, embedded systems, and hundreds of other forms. Payment comes in a lot forms too-- advertisements, royalties, commissions, etc.Game development pushes the hardware market forward, but so does Moore's law, Microsoft's latest operating system, the new Office suite, and hundreds of a lot of other things. Game development often requires specialized hardware that the rest of the market doesn't have, like $500 graphics cards. Also, these days, more and more game development happens on special platforms called consoles.> From the developer standpoint, I believe that nothing streamlines the OS > both API-wise and performance-wise better than listening to feedback that > your game developers give youReally, what is so great about game development? The codebases for games are usually finished as quickly as humanly possible and then abandoned. Buggy code is much more acceptable in a game than it would be in a payroll application, or a scientific application, or pretty much anywhere else.How many updates have you gotten for Grand Theft Auto 2 lately? Yeah, I thought so. None. But other applications written at the same period in time are still being updated and maintained.Also, if anything, game development has lagged behind the rest of the industry in adopting things like Microsoft's .NET environment, Java, or Ruby. Whether or not you like these things, they are the future of application-level software development.> from what I know, right now Android is a messBecause it supports multiple hardware platforms, it's "a mess"? It will just have to join other messy platforms like Win32, POSIX, and just about every other successful platform in the history of computing. Too bad it can't be a nice, clean, platform like the open moko or Apple Lisa where only one version was ever made (because they were huge failures.)The iPhone has multiple hardware revisions out now too. Some of them are faster than others. Some have higher resolutions. Deal with it. Game development as the engine of the software market Posted Jul 18, 2010 16:52 UTC (Sun) by jrn (subscriber, #64214) [Link]

Taken literally, your statement that "no one buys apps on Linux" is wrong. Taken figuratively, your statement is also wrong. Linux users are willing to pay for apps, and what's more they're also willing to pay *more* for apps. Linux gamers donated 25% of all humble bundle revenue. What's more, 2dboy saw more detailed statistics: -what-you-want-birthday-sa... Note the per-user platform averages. What's more, "Also, the per-platform download breakdown was pretty surprising, with Windows accounting for 65%, and Mac and Linux pretty much splitting the remainder evenly. [pie chart]"an analysis of how this increased spending jibes with big titles (why they don't sell hugely on non-windows platforms is at one of the humble bundle's blogs, -state-of-Mac-and-Linu.... Very informative reading which explains all the data we have to date.Like I said, you need to get a new trolling line. You *did* get the memo, didn't you?Now, about your TPS reports. Kuhn: At Least Motorola Admits It Posted Jul 16, 2010 16:41 UTC (Fri) by paragw (guest, #45306) [Link]

What do you mean by crap? I am having lots of fun and getting a lot of use from maemo apps and features on my n900. The Ovi store may not have a ton of free apps for download, but the maemo does have a lot of the standard software you would expect to see on or available to a more conventional desktop install of debian or ubuntu (x-windows, wireshark, pidgin, snes and bochs emulators, freeciv, vpnc, gnumeric, etc...) The last time I checked there was no way to run an x-server for android(outside of vnc) or the iPhone. Well it works out of the box in maemo.This morning I wrote a python script on my phone that helps me catch my morning train. :)Last week I had windows 95 running inside of bochs on it. :) shiny vs freedom, shiny wins Posted Jul 17, 2010 15:21 UTC (Sat) by nhippi (guest, #34640) [Link]


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