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Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare [REPACK]

The game features a cooperative mode and several competitive multiplayer modes. Garden Ops has up to four players take control the Plants defending a garden through ten zombie waves,[11] with some waves being boss waves in which a slot machine would spawn different boss characters or reward players with coins.[17] After the last wave, the plants must run to an extraction point and survive until they are evacuated.[18] In Boss Mode, player can take the role of Dr. Zomboss or Crazy Dave (for the Zombies and Plants, respectively)[18] who circle high above the battlefield in a flying contraption and send support to players in the ground by activating radar scans, healing, resurrecting fallen teammates and launching air strikes.[19] This mode is available for Xbox SmartGlass and Kinect users.[20] PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players also have access to a split screen cooperative mode,[21][22] in which two players engage in combat against endless waves of zombies.[21]

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

The game's target audience were players who liked action games and fans of Plants vs. Zombies. The game's tone was not as serious and grim as other shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. This enabled players to simply "sit down, enjoy the game, and laugh out loud" because of its light-heartedness.[29] The team ensured that teamwork, balanced character gameplay and skills are important pillars in the game's gameplay, similar to traditional action games.[30] To introduce tactical depth to the game while maintaining a sense of playfulness, the team took inspirations from other team-based shooters with colorful visuals such as Team Fortress 2.[27] To make the game more tactical, the team allowed players to spawn stationary plants and zombies, which help assist combat.[31] Another way to add tactical depth was the introduction of character variants. Each of them has unique statistics that slightly alter the gameplay experience.[30]

When choosing the playable plants from the roster of characters from the Plants vs. Zombies franchises, the team opted for characters that are projectile-based, which include the Peashooter and the Cactus.[29] Characters were "cool" and "humorous", so players would want to unlock them.[32] Other characters that have appeared in previous Plants vs. Zombies games returned as the artificial intelligence-controlled potted plants or zombies. As for the gameplay aspect, the plants were defensive characters, while zombies had more offensive skills and abilities.[27] The team faced more challenges designing the zombies than plants as all the plants easily fit into different gameplay archetypes whereas the zombies are more one-dimensional in the original game. The team had to create a diverse cast of characters to accommodate different gameplay classes.[30] The team also faced challenges when creating the plants' sounds; these were "abstract" to create when compared to their on-screen actions.[32]

Garden Warfare received a generally positive reception. Critics felt that the game was a polished shooter with charm and humor, and its playful tone was among its biggest strengths.[59][57][58][60] Some critics felt that it had successfully converted Plants vs. Zombies to a new and broader audience with the genre shift,[55][61] and recognized PopCap for creating a moderately successful shooter in their first attempt.[57][55] Reviewers praised PopCap for not fleshing out the franchise's silly premise of plants defending zombies.[61][60][55] Many reviewers criticized the small number of multiplayer maps and modes,[57][56][55] with Carolyn Petit of GameSpot saying that the content was thin even for a budget title.[58] The gameplay was praised for being functional, mechanically solid and precise,[55] with Gies noting the heritage it shared with DICE's Battlefield series.[61]

The Backyard Battleground also brings the Plants vs. Zombies war to life. Between the two bases, AI-controlled plants and zombies wage an unending battle for control of the neighborhood. Players can leave the base at any moment to participate in this conflict, complete side quests, or explore and hunt for secrets. The Backyard Battleground supports split-screen and online multiplayer, as well. 041b061a72


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