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Henry Wilson

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2 - the instrument cluster gauges dropping to zero which caused the vehicle to be jumpy during acceleration has "hopefully" been resolved. The guy first did something (didn't explain what he actually did... very fishy) and told me it was resolved. So I took it home yesterday but, while driving back home, it showed up again. I was way too annoyed coz I've been dealing with this from the day I bought it (1st Oct 2013). So I took it back to him today morning and that guy removed the cluster and took the speedometer gauge apart. He said that the speedo gauge is the only gauge that has a connection to the ecu. Apparently, the other gauges are linked to the speedo gauge (computer chips) and one individual connection is linked to the ecu. So he replaced the board of the speedo with another nissan one which has a different mileage, just to check if the issue occurs. Till now it hasn't, so he wanted us to drive it for 3 to 4 days and see if the issue recurs. If not, he told me to be bring it back to replace the current mileage memory chip with the original one.

Nissan Bluebird Qu14 Инструкция




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