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Astrosphere Mcp Mb 07241 3 48 4j103 031 Hit

Astrosphere MCP MB 07241-3 48 4J103 031 Hit

Astrosphere MCP MB 07241-3 48 4J103 031 is a motherboard model that is used in some HP laptops, such as HP G60 and HP Compaq Presario CQ60. It is based on the NVIDIA MCP77 chipset, which supports AMD processors and DDR2 memory. The motherboard has two memory slots, one SATA connector, one mini PCI-E slot, and various ports and connectors. It also has an integrated graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G, which supports DirectX 10 and CUDA technology.


The term "hit" in the topic refers to a popular post on a forum called VinaFix, where a user shared the schematic diagram, boardview file, BIOS file, and photos of the Astrosphere MCP MB 07241-3 motherboard. The post has received many views and replies from other users who are interested in repairing or upgrading their laptops with this motherboard. Some users have also requested the schematic diagram of the Astrosphere MCP MB 07241-5 motherboard, which is a slightly different version of the Astrosphere MCP MB 07241-3 motherboard.

The Astrosphere MCP MB 07241-3 motherboard is also available for sale on eBay, where it is listed as a replacement part for HP laptops. The price ranges from $40 to $60, depending on the condition and seller. The motherboard comes with a CPU fan and heatsink, but not with a CPU or memory. The buyers are advised to check the compatibility of the motherboard with their laptop model before purchasing it.

Another source of information about the Astrosphere MCP MB 07241-3 motherboard is a SoundCloud track by Zeno, who claims to have hit the motherboard with a hammer. The track is a short audio clip that features a loud banging noise and some distorted voices. The track has no description or comments, and it is unclear why Zeno decided to hit the motherboard or what he wanted to achieve by doing so.

In conclusion, the Astrosphere MCP MB 07241-3 motherboard is a component of some HP laptops that has attracted attention from online users who are looking for its technical specifications, repair guides, or replacement parts. The motherboard has also been the subject of a bizarre SoundCloud track that involves hitting it with a hammer.


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